Bastianich Vini Orsone Sauvignon 2017 750ml
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Bastianich Vini Orsone Sauvignon 2017

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We have always wanted to make an ambitious Sauvignon, and we have studied the grape and our vineyards to realize our goal. This represents everything that we would want in a Sauvignon and nothing you don't. The pale yellow color connotes mature fruit and depth of complexity. But, it is the nose where the Sauvignon becomes sublime: pink grapefruit, citrus, sage, herbs and wisteria beautifully take the place of the typical (and vulgar) 'cat pee', tomato leaf and bell pepper notes. This harmony is also found on the palate, showing rich glycerine and a broad, unexpected texture. Acidity and pulpy fruit work in harmony to contrast the percieved sensation of richness in the wine. By virtue of its beautiful elegance and balance, Sauvignon is likely to pair very well with international cuisine (Mexican, Korean, Indian in particular), as well as sushi and sashimi, unusual seafood dishes (cruditées, fish tartare, various crustaceans and shellfish), anything with asparagus or mushrooms, white meats and vegetable soups. Enjoyed in its true essence, however, it remains one of the best white wines for a refreshing and aromatic aperitif.

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